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  • Lambton & Jackson

    Located in the historic foodie hub of Maldon, long famous for its sea salt and oysters. Our uniquely cured salmon and eel add to that heritage. Everything is done by hand, our ethos is the very opposite of the supermarket supplier. In our view, mass production is incompatible with the attention required to make the finest smoked salmon and smoked eel on the market.

    We source the very best raw materials – salmon from the pristine island waters off Shetland. We rely on the finest quality farmed salmon and this remote part off mainland Scotland provides ideal breeding grounds. The fish reach peak physical condition owing to Shetland’s very strong tidal flows. These encourage the salmon to swim constantly resulting in much leaner and firmer flesh. It’s ideal for smoking.

  • F J Bosworth and Sons

    Has been a family farming business at Spains Hall since 1934. Currently, Stuart and Simon Bosworth manage pigs and arable respectively. The farm consists of a 270 sow breeder/feeder herd selling all progeny as bacon pigs with 270 hectares arable land in which four combinable crops are grown; Wheat, Barley, Peas and Oilseed Rape. All the barley and just over half the wheat stays on the farm to be used in our home mill and mix which is where we produce about 1,200 tonnes of our food for the pigs. The muck from the pigs is given to the arable to use as fertiliser in return for all the straw from the barley. The business currently employs four other workers excluding Simon and Stuart.

  • Jim Knight founder of Knight Meats

    “I’ve been in the catering butchery industry for 33 years and during that time I have developed a passion for providing my customers with prime quality, carefully sourced produce. This, combined with a precise attention to detail, has made us one of the first choice suppliers for catering establishments across London and throughout the Home Counties.
    I am proud to say our standards are among some of the highest in the industry. From our fresh Aberdeen Angus burgers and fantastic range of handmade sausages, which are produced each day in our factory, to the prime cuts of steaks which are trimmed to perfection, with the guarantee of the best possible flavour and consistency. Also for absolute peace of mind for our customers we have developed a unique traceability system, making us the first choice for the professional kitchen.”

  • Marrfish "Caught & Delivered"

    The history of the Marr family stretches back over a hundred years. The Marr family business has established a formidable reputation within the seafood industry, and the Marr name continues to be at the forefront of the industries development.

    Was formed in February 2011 as the next logical step in the growth of the business. Having been vessel owners and fisherman for over 5 generations the family were keen for quality establishments to have direct access to the fish they were catching.

    With further investment being made in vessels in the North East of Scotland and the building of partnerships with fisherman and senders from the South Coast we are able to bring quality seasonal catch to your kitchen daily.

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